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How many membership sites publish their update history?  This page shows new stories added but not all the rotation of old stories.

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04/2110  Club Mandingo Family Day

02/12/10 6 inch cuckold

01/28/10 OLDIES  B/w page added

12/28/09   Mandingo Room Service!

11/20/09   New F/m story at slavex.com

10/14/09 Another wife goes black!10/01/09 6 oldies rotated

fm1,11,26  bw 26,31,52

9/2/09 Blackedwives and Brokedicks 8/17/09  repost blackrule subfem oldies,new sample pix

8/12/09  new Audrey story, Tortured Twosome!

7/22/09 Blacked Family, sequel to New life

6/6/09 A new life Cuckold story

5/13/09 3 new oldies of classic stories in BW cuckold

5/4/09 Reform School Torturess!

4/09/09 Cuckold Chaperone

2/25/09 Spring Break Black!

1/20/09  Wife Goes Black

12/19/08 Wife Strips for Blacks, Sequel to Blackmaled wife!

11/21/08 Kiss of Approval  6 new oldies in BW and Femdom

10/15/08 Club Mandingo Moments!9/6/08  The Good Sissymaid! Cuckold Story

8/08/08  Cluc Mandingo Family Day!

7/15/08  6 reposts of femdom and cuckold stories

6/20/06  Teasers and Keyholders!

5/20/08  Blackonly Bride and Second Date sissy reposts

4/22/08 Club Mandingo Courtship

3/19/08 Femdom Dungeon 3/7/07 Cuckold Life and Repost of Cuckold Cruise Ship

1/27/08  Club Mandingo Anniversary!1/21/08 reposts of 2 elevator boy stories 12/12/07 Cupid in Chastity 11/10/07 Black Takeover10/21/07 Bikini Ballbusters 10/17/07 Mandingo Maid Service 09/20/04 Club Mandingo  Etiquette08/21/07 Reform School Mistress!08/18/07  Chastity Belted Bellboy 07/28/07Blackballed wives and blue balled husbands, creampie chastity black breeding story 06/28/06  Short Story  Creampie Arrangement! 06/25/07 Blacked Wives & Femmed Hubbies 05/11/07 Queens of Torture  05/09/11  Welcome to Obeah 4/11/07 Sissytrain Express 3/10/07 Ballbusting Babysitter 3/1/ 07 Black Rule School 2/26/07 BlackRule Beach1/20/07 Club Mandingo  Big 14 pic story 1/19/07 Brigit and Paula Part 2) NEW Story, new graphics

12/16/06  Tale of 2 Sissies, Big 14 pic story of 2 males, one teenager, one cuckold hubby, who are feminized into t gyrls to serve their black only families and Obeah black males!11/11/06 Mandingo Teasers and chastity belts   10/26/06 Service with a smile,  reworked Voodoo room story

Teasers with whips: Heavy tease, cbt story reissued with new pix!

My Black-Maled Wife! New story 9/17/06

8/10/06 Seat Cushion Suffering, remake of Femdom facesitting 7/30/06 Saturday Night Lockdown, Creampie galleries

6/29/06  Wife's Obeah  Black Master Prison break punishment5/28/06   wife's Black Master,  punished peeper   4/24/2006  Sissy Trainers, Stripper's new Sissy, New DS Cucky Mag Covers additional  Femdom preview gallery pix

3/20/06  Blackonly Beach Tease, Cuckold's goodnight kiss (rerun, new pic) Cruel Beach Teasers

1/19/06  Cuckold Cocktails, and in femdom section   Castration Specialist plus new pics, toons

11/16/05   More B/w movies, new femdom movies, new shemale room,blackowned sluts and sissies, Roomservice respect and Sentenced to Suffer, (new)

bw3/27/05  F/m Malemilkers, B/W African superiority, Club Royale 8/27/05 4 stories rotated, B/W and F/m plus new sample femdom toon gallery, spank/strapons

7/30/05  Mandingo Wife and New Lady Carole Album!6/19/05 Blackruled Family, Undercover Slutwife, Beach bondage5/9/05 Subslut Teacher and Babysitter takes control, new Lady carole gallery 4/27/05 new interr movies 3/2/05    Dommmy Mommy, Mandingo's Blackrule!  Rerun of Cuckold Cruiseship, new pics, new Cuckold donated member section of real pics and magazine covers!11/24/04 BlackBall Express, New B/w movies, New Lady Carole pics

8/25/04  Humble pie, Prison voltage queen, New Lady Carole pics, New photos, Black/white, new Femdom cartoon section!

5/27/04 BlackBalled Wife and Punishment Room (1) 3/12/04  LadyCarole femdom public gallery 3/4/04 Blackowned T-Gyrl Teacher 2/13 added realpics galleries2/7/04 WE have to change some stories because of internet rules. Existing members if any problems should contact webmaster, thanks!: 1/21/04Helpin

2/24/00  CURBSIDE TOILETPIG femdom toilet slavery

g her go Bl ac k! Ri di ng Club 12/05/03Club Mandingo, Sex Offender Sufering, Bikini Beach Slave, 11/15/03   Blackpower Beach 10/3/03 8/30/03 Blackonly Bride!   6/9/03 BlackBreeding Girlfriend 5/19/03 Teacher  Gets Blacked! 4/29/03 Bondage Beach (F/m and new B/w short Parlour White... 3/26/03 Blackowned BeachTease 3/5/03 Elevator Boy Training, Sadistic Stewardess

1/21/03 Towelboy Training 12/12/02 Babysitter Takes Control, Cuckold Cruise Ship, New Promos Gallery   10/30/02 Black Bulls Rule 09/23/02 Blackruled TV-Maid    8/12/02 Classroom Cuckolds    07/18/02 Punished Peeper     06/27/02 Jumbos Creampies     05/21/02 Ladies Room(2)      04/29/02 Chastity Belt Bellboy  03/28/02 Tortured TV         02/23/02 Sluts and Sissies     7/28/00 Slutwife's Sissyboy!