OLDIES!  New Section.  Select stories rotated from past years.

Navy Wife Serves BLACK!   Ensign's new bride is recruited by the admiral's wife to volunteer as a hostess at the 'black' USO club. bw0401

Measuring Up!  While trying to figure out how to pitch the pretty new maid at the Royale, Bob is roped into a humiliating episode in front of her.  bw1019

African Superiority! Pretty new teacher in inner city school finds that her black stud students have plans for her. bw1501

Newly married couple go on the notorious BLACKRULE Honeymoon flight.  bw1020

Coach's beautiful wife volunteers as a tutor to his black star athletes.   3301

Undercover Slutwife! police officers try to keep their marriage secret when his wife is selected for an undercover assignment to trap a black pimp! 3501

Classroom for Cuckolds Immigrant white family to OBEAH learns the ways of the new Blackruled country 3801

Towel Boy Training! bellboy's first encounter with blackloving blonde Pam as he comes to her rescue when she can't afford a room at the Royale!  bw42